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3 years ago
She’s a goddess.. cute and perfectly sexy
ty evans LPC 2 years ago
this girl had a baby when we were in highschool , i doubt she ever owned up to it, kid ended up in a foster system, I mean imagine that, your mom gives you up for a job of getting dicked in front of a camera. This chick is a poor excuse for a human being.
9 months ago
It would've been better if she did it with someone else that would have made it worth her wild for her 1st creampie to have blown a huge load inside her pussy. That guys load was a joke..
2 years ago
Who is she?
Alexis 2 years ago
Really turns me on. I always cum so hard watching her slutty horny body get fucked hard by numerous men over the years.
She is a very beautiful sex addict with a pussy on fire.