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2 years ago
Rip My boy Floyd crank one out just for you
Thiendia 2 years ago
He looks innocent, poor him
Rest in peace Geogre Floyd
Floyd's fan 2 years ago
A true American hero, big Floyd, your art will be missed, rest in power brother
Shes acting way to fake 6 years ago
Shes really over reacting...
Goodlyfe 2 years ago
Rip My Dog Floyd man The brother was Tearing ass Up in da hood a real example on How we should Live LIFE to the fullest
BLM 2 years ago
My ninja Floyd the G.O.A.T.
RIP 2 years ago
Our boy floyd was tearing that pussy up damn
Shhhhh 2 years ago
Rip floyd
Amin 2 years ago
Mother fucker Go to the hell
cucu 2 years ago
convicted 5 times for drugs, robbery, theft, rarely had a job, he didn't take care of his kid, his biggest professional achievement was this 10minute porn video.. this is a hero? more like a loser gangster wannabe who was killed by a police thug ! and you give him a state funeral? presidents cry at his grave? are there any sane people left usa?