TeenPies - Summer Lace Gets Her Twat Creamed!

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Sammy 6 years ago
my bf dad just came into the shower as I was there he was sniffing my dirty panties and stroking his lovely cock. he stretched my cunt and filled me with cum. he now owns my cunt I am his fuck toy and daily cum dump
Lord JS 3 years ago
Mrs. Marijuana 6 years ago
To wtf, do you even realize that it's normal if we have hair on our ass? Must be an interesting world you live in.
wtf 7 years ago
Omg her ass is soo fucken hary
Roland 5 years ago
I've only experienced it twice in my 55 yrs on earth, but that was one very loose pussy! The comment about another dimension in that hallway was spot on. The guy wasn't small, but the unmistakable sound of loose air with an echo and NO queefing could only mean she needs to do some keagel exercises to tighten up her cunt muscles or it will take a beer can circumstance to rub the inside walls of that vagina by the age of 40! Good luck Ms. Lace, your gonna' need it!!!
Her cunt was like a hallway 6 years ago
You could see another dimension in that blackhole
ksmkm argiloo 5 years ago